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Crazy Bastard Sauce Habanero & Tomatillo

Crazy Bastard Sauce Habanero & Tomatillo

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Product Description

Habanero & Tomatillo  (yellow label)


The original and award winning Crazy Bastard Sauce, designed to bring a good level of heat that doesn't overwhelm or mask the flavour. It has a slight natural sweetness provided by the delicious Habanero pepper, which is complimented by the tangy citrus note of the Tomatillo. Check out the information below to find out how the sauce works. Just like every other sauce we make, it's all natural and without artificial preservatives or additives.


The Ingredients:

Pepper (Capsicum), Tomatillo, Onion, Chili (Habanero), White wine vinegar, Apple, Lime, Garlic, Salt, Olive Oil.  

For anyone who doesn't know what a Tomatillo is, it's like a big, green Cape Gooseberry from Mexico. It has a great citrus flavour that turns kind of nutty when you roast it (which we do).


The Habanero pepper is one of the tastiest hot peppers there are. It's also one of the hottest (It used to be the hottest before things like the Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion came along. Not to mention the Carolina Reaper). It's fruity and bright in flavour and hot as a bastard.


The apple brings a subtle layer of complexity to the sauce, helping the flavour remain fresh and fruity.


The Heat:

This sauce has been independently tested by Wessling GmbH for heat on the scoville scale. Each batch will vary slightly in heat so the range is between 5,000 and 8,000 scoville units.


There are a lot of hotter sauces on the market. Many of them have names like Death Reaper, or Satan's Fire or something that resembles a 1980s Death Metal band name. Many of them seem to be all about heat and less about flavour. Some of them even have names like Ass Punisher, as if the after effects of chili abuse are a good thing (and by the way, we cook and roast our peppers long enough to break down the capcaisin, which means it only burns on the way in)


This sauce has been designed to bring plenty of heat without turning you into a milk guzzling imbecile. After about 5-10 seconds it builds to a peak, which is quite a thrill, this usually lasts for about 30-40 seconds, all the while you can taste the complex fruity flavour of the sauce. Then it starts to fade and after a minute you're ready for another taste.


It's also important to keep in mind that everybody has a different tolerance for capsaicin. While some people might think the sauce is something they would happily use as a nacho dip, others might howl in pain after tasting the tiniest drop. It's best to start with a little bit first, to see how you handle it.


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